Field Operations: Tower Inspection

Yearly tower inspections can make all the difference in finding small issues before they become larger, more-expensive problems. At Stainless, we recognize that our customers’ broadcast towers are often their single largest investment. We take pride in helping customers protect their tower investments with comprehensive TIA-based visual tower inspection reports. Our team has decades of experience carefully assessing every aspect of tower structures and reporting any observed issues in detail. We are also pleased to lend our expertise in helping customers understand our inspection findings.

Tower Inspection Safety

Stainless focuses on safety in all of our field operations, and tower inspections are no different. We start with detailed planning before any personnel reach the site. We assess past inspection reports and tower drawings to create a safe, rigorous inspection plan. We also take special care to create an RF safety plan to ensure our inspectors know exactly where on the tower might exceed safe RF energy exposure levels. When inspecting primary RF emitters, timing is key, and we coordinate these inspections carefully with the client to minimize downtime or other negative impact.


Our Field Evaluation Tasks

At Stainless, we take special care to evaluate all of the following parts of each customer’s tower during our tower inspections:

  • Structure Condition
  • Finish Condition
  • Lighting Condition & Configuration
  • Grounding Connections
  • Antennas & Transmission Lines
  • Walkways, Platforms, Sensors, & Floodlights
  • Insulator Condition
  • Guy Wire Condition
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Guyed Mast Anchors
  • Tower Alignment: Plumb & Twist

Detailed Notes & Reporting

When you choose Stainless for your tower inspection needs, you don’t just get the industry’s most experienced and proven leader. You also benefit from our unmatched emphasis on proper note-taking and detailed reporting. We gather all of our field notes using a well-established and pre-programmed template that helps us ensure all key questions are asked and addressed. We use these notes to compile a comprehensive executive summary document, breaking down all key findings for the customer’s management team.

No matter what the size or scope of your tower inspection project, our expert tower professionals are available to guide you through the results and answer all of your most difficult questions. We take pride in giving the most value to each customer. This includes giving each customer the opportunity to advise us on specific areas of concern during their inspection. We’re here to approach your inspection with a fresh perspective and handle all of your needs, concerns, and questions along the way.


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