Field Operations: Tower Erection & Modification

Since 1947, Stainless has been a trusted leader in fabricating, erecting, and modifying all types of self-supporting and guyed towers worldwide. Over more than 70 years in operation, we have built over 7,500 towers in more than 100 countries all over the world. Over the years, we have built unmatched levels of experience and real-world knowledge in everything related to tower erection and modification. Plus, we offer all of the necessary engineering and field operations capabilities in-house. As your one-stop shop for all your tall tower needs, we’re here to save you time and money for many years to come.

Managing Complex Project Coordination

Tower erection projects often involve thousands of parts, dozens of people, tons of heavy machinery, and a complex ballet to coordinate it all. It’s a huge challenge, and success requires diverse experience and the expertise that comes from it. At Stainless, we’re the industry’s most experienced tower builder, and more than half the tall towers standing in the U.S. today were erected by our team. That means we’ve seen it all over the years, and there’s no tower erection or modification challenge we can’t overcome.


The Tower Erection Process

When it comes to guyed mast towers, the process starts with site selection to meet the customer’s broadcast needs. We then clear and level the site to make space for the tower’s foundation and the sub-assembly work. Then, all of the tower’s parts are delivered to the site, and we take the time to perform a detailed inventory to account for everything. After that, we begin sub-assembly, material staging, and part preparation.

The first guyed section is erected and lifted into position by a large crane. Once this first section is in place, we attach a gin pole to the tower and use it to lift each additional section, one-by-one, and each section’s guy wires are attached as well. A 2,000-foot tower can have as many as 8 or 9 guy levels.

Once the tower reaches its final height, we install all equipment, tower lights, and grounding. Then, we do a final inspection to ensure everything is installed according to project specifications and requirements.


Benefit from Our Experience

Stainless is renowned in the broadcast and telecom industries worldwide for our proven track record of success with tall tower erection and modification projects. Not only have we built and modified more towers than all of our active competitors combined, we’ve gained unmatched real-world knowledge along the way. In spite of all this knowledge and experience, we approach every project with a fresh perspective, always looking for new ways to innovate, streamline, and save you time and money. Rely on Stainless for your tower building needs, and you’ll get all the benefits from our 70-year history in the industry.


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