Field Operations: RF Equipment Installation

A broadcast tower’s RF system includes the antenna and the transmission line feeding it. These systems require a specialized skillset to ensure years of trouble-free operation. At Stainless, we have decades of experience installing all types of RF antennas, wireless antennas, microwave systems, and more. We have also built close, longstanding relationships with all major antenna manufacturers, so our expertise is unmatched in the industry today. All of this combines to make us your ideal partner for any level of broadcast equipment installation needs.

Compliance & Safety

Installing RF equipment in tall towers is as specialized a job as it is dangerous. Not only are there a myriad of industry standards and government regulations to navigate, there’s also the heights, proper weight distribution, and the broadcast equipment itself. Managing all of these safety and compliance considerations takes specialized planning and expert project management. From standards compliance to job site safety, RF safety, and structural planning, Stainless has the expert in-house team needed to do it all with distinction.


Longstanding Industry Partnerships

Over the decades, Stainless has worked closely with all major antenna and broadcast equipment manufacturers in the industry. We’ve built strong working relationships with these organizations that continue to this day. Our team regularly relies on this teamwork to share information, collaborate, and coordinate for the very best results possible. This means when you choose to work with Stainless, you’ll benefit from our larger network of industry partnerships.


Our Proven Track Record

The broadcast and telecom industries are constantly changing, and Stainless has remained at the forefront of those changes and technological advances over the years. For example, we helped lead the industry through the analog-to-digital transition, between the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the analog sunset of June 2009. During that time, we met closely with our equipment partners to help us coordinate dozens of major equipment update projects. We’ve already worked to set the stage for new transitions that are coming in the future.

As the industry’s oldest and most distinguished broadcast equipment installer, we’ve successfully completed thousands of projects of varying sizes, types, and scopes. All of this experience and real-world know-how is brought to bear in every new project, but we also work to find new approaches to old problems. It’s this combination of practical expertise and our culture of innovation that makes us your ideal RF equipment installation partner.


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