Field Operations: Painting & Lead Abatement

Paint provides critical protection for broadcast tower structures, and proper application is key. These days, the FCC is more serious than ever about inspecting towers over 200 feet tall for proper painting and lighting. To meet all relevant FAA and FCC regulations, it’s important to keep your tower’s paint up to color and condition specifications. At Stainless, we have more than 70 years of experience with tower erection and painting. Our expert team has the skills, equipment, and know-how needed to keep your towers properly protected and compliant with strict government standards.

Safety, Quality, & Reliability

As with all of our field operations, safety is key during any painting or lead abatement project. We begin every project with a pre-job hazard assessment, and the results are shared freely with all stakeholders. Our team takes special care to identify all safety precautions and procedures needed during the project, and we take the lead in providing proper documentation. Whether your tower is 200 feet tall or 2,000, the Stainless team will provide unmatched quality, safety, and reliability throughout the painting process.


The Tower Painting Process

We start the tower painting process with a condition assessment and detailed materials testing. If the tower was built before 1978, it may be a candidate for lead testing. Regardless, the existing paint must be tested for compatibility with the new paint being used.

Once compatibility is assured, we turn to the most important part of any tower painting project: surface preparation. In fact, most of the issues we see with failing or peeling paint can be attributed to improper surface prep. We use high-pressure water-based cleaning to remove dirt, mold, fungus, and other contaminates. If there is any corrosion or rust present, we must clean it and remove it in an ecologically safe way. Then we use a powerful primer to coat any bare metal in preparation for painting and finishing.

Stainless has worked with Sherwin Williams for many years, so we have access to their paint specialists to advise every project for the best results. We use a customized paint thickness and number of coats for each tower, depending on its unique needs. The result will be years of trouble-free protection and an attractive appearance.


Our Approach to Lead Abatement

Many towers built before the late-1970s originally used lead-based paint, now considered a toxin to humans and a hazard to the environment. If we find lead-based paint on your tower, we’ll recommend a critical lead abatement project right away. We’ll make sure your lead abatement project adheres to all DHS, DEP, EPA, and OSHA standards.

Simply scraping the lead paint off of a tower and letting the wind carry it to the ground is both irresponsible and illegal, carrying serious consequences with the EPA. Stainless uses proper containment and disposal methods, having met the Department of Defence’s requirements for more than 30 years. Don’t risk your tower site with a cheaper, less-experienced crew. Instead, rely on Stainless for the very best in lead abatement and unmatched peace of mind.


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