Stainless Field Operations

Stainless is proud to offer a broad range of field operations capabilities. We serve broadcast and telecom customers worldwide with expert services related to tower infrastructure construction, modification, equipment installation, inspection, and much more. Not only do we offer unmatched experience, with more than 70 years in operation, we also rely on our expert in-house team for a variety of field operation functions. Couple these capabilities with our in-house engineering services, and Stainless truly stands apart from the rest in our industry.

It All Comes Down to Safety

When it comes to Stainless’s field operations, safety planning and awareness is built into every project from inception. We carefully consider every job site’s unique characteristics and safety concerns. Our team conducts a pre-job hazard assessment, compiles detailed rescue plans, and generates powerful rigging plans prior to any work being done. The goal is to ensure accurate, precise work, but we’re committed first and foremost to ensuring everyone on the job site goes home safely to their families at the end of the day.


Our Full Range of Field Services

At Stainless, our field operations capabilities are as complete as they are reliable. We encourage you to explore the pages below to learn more about our full range of field service offerings:

Tower Erection & Modification

Stainless has more than 70 years of experience fabricating, erecting, and modifying towers of all types worldwide. We’re proud to be responsible for the design or construction of more than 50% of tall towers standing in the U.S. today, and we apply all that know-how to every new tower erection and modification project. Whether it’s a relatively small self-supporting tower or a guyed mast tower standing 2,000 feet or taller, we can handle any project. Click below for more on our tower building capabilities.

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RF Equipment Installation

The expert team at Stainless has decades of experience working directly with all major antenna manufacturers. Not only did we lead the industry in the digital television adoption movement, we’re equipped to handle all of the most advanced broadcasting equipment available today. We also have the in-house engineering capacity to design and plan the perfect rigging and mounting plans to ensure all the field work runs smoothly and efficiently. Click below to read about our equipment installation services.

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Painting & Lead Abatement

A tall tower’s paint helps protect it from the elements, and proper paint application is key to its performance and longevity. Stainless is a trusted leader in tower structure painting. We also excel in testing older towers for lead-based paint, removing such paint safely, and repainting with safer, more modern formulations. We have the best people in the business for selecting the right paint, preparing the surfaces, and applying the paint in proper, consistent thicknesses. Click below to learn more.

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Tower Inspection

Because broadcast towers can be the single largest investment our customers make, it’s important to ensure they’re inspected yearly. This will allow us to identify small issues and correct them before they become larger, more expensive problems. Stainless offers expert TIA/EIA tower inspection services, along with detailed inspection reports. These expert inspections are key to the lifespan and performance of our customers’ tower infrastructure. Click below for more on our tower inspections.

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