Engineering: Tower Structural Analysis

Stainless is unique in our industry for our unmatched experience and our full-service tower engineering capabilities. With our structural analysis services, we bring it all together to offer our customers the most powerful and economical structural solutions possible. Over the years, our engineering team has incorporated all the lessons we’ve learned, and our complete understanding of tower design, construction, maintenance, and analysis helps us see the big picture. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive structural analysis reports available in the industry.

The Structural Analysis Process

For us, the process usually starts with a baseline structural analysis. This will allow us to attribute and allocate costs precisely to a proposed condition, in direct proportion to any increase in tower loading. Armed with this information, our customers have the clearest picture possible of their tower’s current structural state as well as its future potential. We even feature dedicated in-house drafting and detailing, adding further efficiency and effectiveness to our tower structural analysis services. It all adds up to make us your ideal partner.


Interactive Structural Analysis Process

With Stainless, structural analysis is an interactive process. We take pride in guiding our customers and acting as their trusted consultant for strong tower performance and reliable cost savings. We take the lead in creating a collaborative effort throughout the process, eliminating the chances for wasted efforts and mistakes from miscommunications. We even engage our customers’ own engineers to ensure they get a greater understanding of their equipment. The goal is to empower each customer to ensure the best ongoing results.


Your One-Stop Shop

While Stainless isn’t the only provider of tower structural analysis and engineering services in the industry, we set ourselves apart as our customers’ one-stop shop. Maintaining all personnel and functions related to tower engineering and field operations in-house enables us to be faster and more efficient than other engineering firms. Not only do our customers enjoy the streamlined communication offered by a single-source partnership, they also get better, more cost-effective results. At Stainless, we value the client relationship just as highly as we do the quality of the work we deliver.

In addition, our team features professional engineering licenses in all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. This allows us to perform analyses anywhere in the country in service to the largest, most high-profile broadcasters and communications providers nationwide. With our experience and sterling industry reputation, we’re here to handle all your structural analysis needs.


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