Engineering: Rigging Plan Review & Development

Rigging plans are not just a good idea for any tower building project, they’re required by today’s industry standards. Rigging refers to all the cables, brackets, mounts, and other equipment used by contractors in the tower construction and equipment installation process. At Stainless, our in-house tower engineering team offers both expert review of existing rigging plans as well as from-scratch development of new rigging plans. With our decades of experience and unmatched know-how we’re proud to help ensure the safety and productivity of our customers’ tower construction sites.

Meeting Standards & Regulations

There are a variety of industry standards and government regulations related to tower construction planning and methods. These include TIA-322 and its predecessor, TIA-1019A. They also include the ANSI/ASSE A10.48 standards. In fact, our team has been deeply involved in the industry committees that composed these standards for several decades. That means we have unmatched knowledge and insight into all of the exacting standards and regulations related to tower rigging plans. Plus, we have the in-house team needed to apply this knowledge to maximum benefit for all of our customers.


What Are Rigging Plans?

In basic terms, rigging plans are complete and detailed presentations showing all equipment and procedures needed for the entire tower construction and broadcast equipment installation process. These must be developed by a supervising engineer or reviewed by a qualified engineer to be valid. Rigging plans show exactly how each part of a tower will be lifted into place, including all of the antennas, transmission lines, and other structures and equipment. This makes them critical for the safety, efficiency, and precision of any tower construction, reinforcement, or modification project.


Our Rigging Plan Process

The Stainless team is pleased to guide each customer through the process of reviewing an existing rigging plan or developing a new one from the ground up. With every rigging plan, our primary focus is on the health and wellbeing of everyone on the job site in and around the customer’s tower structure. Our reviews are comprehensive and systematic. We then take the lead in communicating any necessary changes, additions, or updates to the correct stakeholders before any critical lifts are begun.

Often, Stainless must work directly with the tower erection contractor to confirm all details are understood and applied correctly on the job site. We can provide design and even supply rigging components to facilitate the process, as required. The result is that we ensure proper usage of rigging materials and minimize the stress imposed on the tower structure and its foundation.


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