Engineering: Tower Modification Design

Tall broadcast and telecom towers are highly complex structures that are very expensive to design and build. In many cases, modifying a customer’s existing tower to handle their new needs is the most economical option. This often requires strengthening the tower structure to handle more equipment without overstressing. Doing this properly requires proven experience, specialized know-how, and deep knowledge of all applicable codes and standards. At Stainless, we have it all, making us a preferred partner for tower modification design projects of all types and sizes.

The Most Practical Strategies

The Stainless team takes great pride in giving our customers the results they need using the most practical, cost-effective strategies. It starts with careful consideration of the customer’s equipment, needs, goals, and challenges. Our in-house engineering team relies on many decades of proven experience, yet we bring a fresh outlook to every new project. When we determine that modifying an existing tower will give the customer the required performance at a lower cost, we begin the modification design process.


The Entire Process, in-House

With Stainless, you get top-tier engineering talent with decades of real-world experience, and you get it with a single-source partnership. We have the industry’s most extensive, diverse, and capable in-house tower engineering team. That means when it comes time to design modifications to your existing tower infrastructure, we won’t need to involve any third parties or add complexity to your communications and reporting. It’s easier, more streamlined, and far more efficient.


Efficient, Effective Tower Modifications

Our customers’ existing broadcast tower infrastructure is often many years or even decades old. It can be easy to assume these older towers simply couldn’t handle more loading than they were originally designed to hold. At Stainless, our expert engineering team brings innovative knowledge to the table. We often surprise customers with just how much load capacity we can safely create with their existing towers. It all comes down to our unmatched engineering experience gained through thousands of successful projects.

The Stainless team is here to handle all the complex and challenging engineering and planning involved in retrofitting towers to handle the new equipment and higher loads demanded by today’s broadcast market. We understand the latest antenna equipment and transmission lines, and we even have patents on some of our innovative mounting methods. The results will maximize your tower infrastructure at the lowest possible cost, both initial and ongoing.


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