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Stainless, LLC is proud to offer complete in-house tower engineering services for customers worldwide. We’re the oldest remaining tall tower manufacturer featuring internal engineering capabilities, with more than 70 years of proven success. Our team has the latest in state-of-the-art tower design and analysis software, accepted by all carriers and vertical real estate operators (VREOs). We’re the most capable and well-equipped tower engineering firm operating in the broadcast space, with all the resources needed to handle any project.

Full-Service Tower Engineering
From new tower design to structural analyses, tower modification designs, and rigging planning and development, the Stainless team does it all. With our team’s experience and history working with all the major antenna manufacturers, we routinely deliver effective and economical designs. We also have the know-how to guide customers through future-loading and other special considerations, further extending the value we provide. We encourage you to browse the pages listed below to learn more about our full-service engineering capabilities.


In-house engineering capabilities

With more than seven decades of distinguished service to the broadcasting and telecom industries worldwide, Stainless delivers the following expert engineering services:

New Tower Design

When it comes to designing and engineering new towers, Stainless offers an unmatched combination of efficiency and effectiveness. We specialize in considering all the details of the customer’s location and broadcasting needs before designing the ideal tower to maximize performance and value. Over the years, Stainless has designed and built more tall towers than all the competition combined. Click below to learn more about the art and science behind our approach to new tower design and engineering.

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Structural Analysis

Stainless offers the very best in tower structural analysis services. This includes considering the tower’s modification history, analyzing changed loading conditions, identifying structural overstress, and creating a powerful plan to correct any issues. Our team provides the most comprehensive structural analyses available, and we deliver all the detailed reporting needed to back it up. Click below for further information about our outstanding tower structural analysis services and capabilities.

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Modification Design

In many cases, it’s more economical for our customers to modify an existing tower than it is to build a new one. Stainless offers the specialized capabilities to strengthen broadcast and telecom towers. With our expert fortification plans, we balance increased structural capacity with project cost to deliver outstanding performance and value. Our team is here to take any tower from overstressed to fully capable of supporting all needed equipment. Click below to read more about our tower modifications.

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Rigging Plan Review & Development

Not only are rigging plans a good idea, but they’re also required by the tall tower industry. Our customers need qualified engineers and supervising engineers to handle their rigging plan review and development needs. At Stainless, we have decades of experience with tower rigging, so we know how to maximize efficiency and functionality for any tower. It’s all about the rigging crew’s safety and the accuracy of the plan. Click below for more about our rigging plan review and development services.

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